A musician struggling to cope with his split from his lover and muse begins to suspect his past is being erased in "We Grew Up Here," an unnerving independent feature film. As songs Liam and Lauren recorded together disappear and mutual friends deny they know him, Liam hits the road on a desperate journey to prove to himself and everyone else he's not insane—that the life that they built together, and that he threw away, was real.

This film received crowdfunding from the generous Kickstarter community and was named Indiewire's April 2012 Project of the Month. It features the music of Paper Thick Walls and a score by Luke Ramus.

Check out the award-winning film that features "a live wire lead performance by Eric Michaels," according to Kentucker Audley of NoBudge.com. You can watch our film on Vimeo or YouTube. You can listen to the soundtrack on SoundCloud. Let us know what you think on Letterboxd.